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Why every company should have an email marketing strategy

I have to be honest, when I was new to digital marketing my initial attitude towards email marketing wasn’t positive. Email Marketing to me was spam. Unsolicited emails which just cluttered up ┬ámy inbox however email marketing is one of the most effective tools in your digital marketing arsenal both from a cost perspective and for providing reach & exposure for your brand/product. The key to your success however lies in your email marketing strategy.


Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?

In our review of Social Media Marketing tools, we are going to have a discussion as to the role of Facebook in Digital Marketing. So many businesses are on Facebook and believe they must be on Facebook but the truth is the vast majority of businesses on Facebook only have a token presence and end up with stale unused pages.


Google + as a digital marketing tool -What is the fuss about Google plus?

Dodgy rhymes aside. Is Google Plus useful as a digital marketing tool and will it possibly replace Facebook as the dominant social media platform in the world.

Only time will tell but for the moment I’m strongly recommending all businesses join Google+ as it offers several core features which make it a must for any companies digital marketing presence


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