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Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?

In our review of Social Media Marketing tools, we are going to have a discussion as to the role of Facebook in Digital Marketing. So many businesses are on Facebook and believe they must be on Facebook but the truth is the vast majority of businesses on Facebook only have a token presence and end up with stale unused pages.

Facebook: A waste of time or a valuable tool for engagement?

Let me paint a picture? You set up a Facebook page and everyone is gung ho! You get lots of likes and you start posting regularly (even though you many not be too sure as to what you are posting about) After time you notice that the reach of your organic posts is in steady decline. The decline in reach is accompanied by a decline in enthusiasm and interest. Soon the facebook page is stale and forgotten. Now maybe you have had a good experience with Facebook? I’m not saying this is a universal scenario but so many businesses go to Facebook without a proper plan for how to use it and what will be said?

Also  a lot of people don’t understand just how Facebook works?

What is EdgeRank?

(EdgeRank info graphic compliments of socialmouths.com)

Before we discuss EdgeRank consider this. When you log into FaceBook and check your newsfeed, ever wonder as to how this content is shown and other content is not shown? The average Facebook user has 300 friends and likes 50 pages. The updates from all of these sources could clog up your newsfeed. Twitter uses a timeline approach where everything shows up and we can go back using scrollbars to see old messages. However Facebook uses EdgeRank to determine what we see.

I will do a separate blog entry on EdgeRank but for now think of it as the filter that determines what each user sees when they log in to Facebook. Is this a good thing. Yes and No. Yes because it manages what we see and helps us see more relevant content but bad from a business perspective. As the average reach of your posts can be as low as 2%. Yes 2 percent!

Ogilvy done a great study on to downward trend of organic reach and they call this trend ‘facebook zero’. The last three years have seen us go from 16% reach which was considered bad at the time to 2% which let’s face it is dreadful. Facebook are trying to drive more businesses to advertise in order to be seen. So why bother?


Even though the organic reach of Facebook has declined it is still a tool that can’t be ignored. Facebook Advertising effectiveness has increased with the introduction of newsfeed advertisements (to the annoyance of users) and it still lends itself very well to certain target markets.

Entertainment, Radio and Fashion all perform well on Facebook. Check out an upcoming blog post on Facebook Strategy to find out more about how to get the most out of Facebook


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  1. I absolutely support your view as in a crowded world of digitalised information this channel cannot be ignored.

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