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Google + as a digital marketing tool -What is the fuss about Google plus?

Dodgy rhymes aside. Is Google Plus useful as a digital marketing tool and will it possibly replace Facebook as the dominant social media platform in the world.

Only time will tell but for the moment I’m strongly recommending all businesses join Google+ as it offers several core features which make it a must for any companies digital marketing presence

Features of Google + – Digital Marketing Tool Review

  • Google Plus Business Pages- with posts that actually reach people who follow you! This might sound like no big deal but with the “Facebook zero reach” trend continuing without any signs of slowing down- this could make Google+ a real option for firms
  • Google Post Updates which are made public are indexed for search and rank reasonably well in search results
  • Integration with Google Advertising has proven to increase Click Through Ratios as much as 17% as was the case for Cadbury’s who are the Google+ Business role models
  • Ripples – okay they are slightly gimmicky but the ability to see in graphical form the number of people who have shared my content is extremely useful and looks cool too!
  • Circles- This probably my favourite feature. The ability to add people to your circles allows you to segment messages to different groups in a very similar way to email marketing. Using Ripples I can identify individuals who engage with my content more and can classify them into their own circle…i.e. Influencers etc.

There are of course dozens of other reasons to use Google+ but of course you might be thinking at this point. Sounds great but there is a catch! Yes the major flaw in all of these reasons to use Google+ is by and large Irish users have failed to take to the platform….yet!

In training users and students with Google+ over the last month, I have found that once users understand how to use the platform people actually enjoy the service but should a social media platform require training! Many will argue that you don’t need training in how to use it but the interface while attractive does have a lot of features which can seem a little bit overwhelming at first.

So while Google Plus has huge potential until more people start to regularly use the features, it remains slightly off the radar for many businesses.

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