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What is Quality Score- Understanding how Google AdWords Works?

Search Engine Optimisation takes time and doesn’t guarantee success. Over 200 variables make up the organic search algorithm and it has never been more difficult to get seen. I’ve seen professionals celebrate getting to page 2 on the organic search results and yes while this may bring in some traffic the truth is 85% of users seldom click past the first page and will usually just refine their search by adding an extra keyword etc. The only way to be guaranteed of showing up on a particular search is to pay. Search advertising or what is commonly just known as PPC  ensures that your website will be seen but it comes at a price

Use LinkedIn to find a job- LinkedIn for Beginners

The standard two page CV doesn’t provide a potential employer much information about you. When it comes to trying to squeeze in as much relevant information as possible into limited space, each section on a CV becomes valuable real estate. While the two page rule can vary depending on your seniority level, the basic result is the same. Prospective employers have a limited sense of your experience, character and suitability which is why very often employers seek to supplement this information by researching candidates online and visiting their social media accounts etc.

Most people know this already and yes you might be thinking that you can protect your privacy by protecting your tweets and Facebook page. You might also be thinking well I don’t use Social Media so I’m okay?

But what you really should be thinking about is- how do I get these prospective employers to see information about me that will help me get a job? The answer to this question is to use LinkedIn and encouraging a prospective employer to visit your LinkedIn profile.


Case Study in Digital Marketing – Music Maker

Digital Marketing at Music Maker Located on Exchequer Street, MusicMaker is one of Ireland’s leading music stores & distributors. Using Ansoffs 1957 positioning matrix we can see that MusicMaker is following a differentiation approach and has positioned itself as the “Rock Institution” by offering excellent customer service, working with local business, supporting new & aspiring musicians through album launches or gigs, running a music school for teenagers and providing top quality equipment to festivals and gigs. This differentiation is seen in both their tradition offline marketing, online digital marketing campaigns and social media. (more…)

How do I increase traffic to my website for free?

Any business or individual with a website will always be interested in ways of increasing traffic but how do we do it? Especially when SEO has become much more challenging.  The best way of increasing traffic for free is to develop a content marketing strategy. I will create a dedicated post in content marketing in the future. Think of this post as an introduction to content marketing.


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