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A review of Rafflecopter for running competitions on Facebook

There are plenty of apps on the market for running competitions on Facebook but if you are a small business and have a small or zero budget, Rafflecopter might be the app for you.

We know that like gates are no longer permitted by Facebook and while that move was certainly disappointing, just how valuable is a Facebook like anyway?? Especially now, when the average organic reach for most business pages is less than 6%!

Facebook Competitions still have value but the end goal of your competition shouldn’t be to get a simple like on your page….it should be something more valuable and beneficial for your business and Rafflecopter’s ability to provide multiple user actions to enter the competition can help with this more ambitious goal.

The best free app for running a competition on Facebook

There are two major features of Rafflecopter that I like – the first is that it is probably one of the simplest and most intuitive apps I’ve ever used and has a free forever plan which gives you ability to run simple competitions through your website or Facebook page.

The second and major benefit of Rafflecopter is a point I touch on in the introduction. That we can provide individuals multiple ways to enter the competition and weight these actions according to which is more important for you.

In the screen shot taken from the app below, we can see a number of actions which we can choose for our entrants. Some of these actions are only available on the paid plan (email subscription and the Pinterest actions) however, with prices starting at just $13 a month this is not a massive financial obstacle.

Rafflecopter Graphic


If for instance, I wanted to get people to follow my Twitter account in order to enter the competition, I could choose Following an Account from the choices above. This would open up a dialog box similar to the one below.

Notice the point value section, this is where we can weight the users action. So if I chose +3 for instance and the user performed this task they would have three entries into the competition as opposed to just one. That way, I can provide multiple methods and means for users to enter the competition. These extra incentives for people to perform the action that is most valuable to your business means that the quality of data you gather from your competition tends to be better and most relevant to your own specific needs.

Rafflecopter Competition Entry Details


Let’s say we were using the basic paid plan from Rafflecopter and wanted to build our email marketing list. I could weight this at +5 to encourage more sign ups.

Note: One thing to remember though when building a mailing list through competitions and artificial incentives, the quality of your mailing list will not be as strong and your open rates, click rates and conversion rates will be lower.

Add Rafflecopter Competition graphic

After you have chosen one or more methods to enter the competition, the next step is to install the app and Rafflecopter couldn’t be easier to install with a choice of adding HTML to your blog/website or adding it to your Facebook page. Once you receive entries, these entries can also be downloaded to spreadsheet and the app also provides a means of selecting random winners too.

All in all, I’d recommend Rafflecopter and highly recommend the paid version of Rafflecopter. The free version doesn’t permit you to upload a competition photograph which can make a big difference to the quality and professionalism of your competition.

The only major negative for me is that Rafflecopter doesn’t allow for more sophisticated competitions such as an upload feature to enable photo or video contests which can be a great way of generating user based content etc. WooBox would be a good tool to use for competitions like this and I’ll review WooBox at some point in the future.


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