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Eventbrite Reviews: Part 1 Event Dashboard Tools

Eventbrite is a simple and easy to use service which allows users to search for and also create events. While there have been several eventbrite reviews, this article will focus on the tools and features available to organisers.

Eventbrite Reviews Series – Part 1

I’ve become a very big fan of Eventbrite in recent times and I’ve recently ran several events on the platform, so I decided to write a series of reviews to share my experience. This review will focus on the tools and features, while the second will focus on getting the most out of your event.

Event Dashboard

Any individual or business can organise an event on the platform. If your event is free, the use of the service is also free. After setting up your event, you can view its status and progress with the event dashboard (as seen below)

Eventbrite Reviews -Dashboard 1

There are numerous features in the Event Dashboard and I won’t go through every single option. In short, you can adjust the order form, as well as setting different ticket types & quantities here. A waiting list option also allows you to continue registering details even if your event is fully subscribed. Automatic invitations can also be sent to those on the waiting list, if an attendee cancels their ticket.

What I really like about EventBrite is the simplicity of creating additional tracking links to the same event page URL. These links (using tags) allow you to identify the referral sources of your traffic. In the example below, we created a number of different tracking links and used the corresponding link exclusively on that platform. So LinkedIn Organic for instance gave me a unique URL that I could share on LinkedIn. I can see it brought in 10 visitors and resulted in 1 conversion.

Eventbrite Reviews - Affiliate Links

EventBrite also gives you the facility to engage in affiliate programmes for paid events and the ability to invite attendees via email or social media.

The Analytics section of the dashboard also contains simple to understand graphs and tables which outline the number of views for your event and the numbers of tickets sold etc. The facility to integrate with Google Analytics is also available.

The event organiser can review a list of all attendees and import the names directly into an email mailing list. In fact, a MailChimp extension can be used which will automatically add attendees to the list (one way around the double opt in)

Eventbrite Reviews-Attendees

A Facebook extension allows you to embed a ticket order form directly on your Facebook Business Page, indeed you can also embed a ticket order form directly on to your website.

In terms of the event itself, the dashboard provides several options for the organiser to manage the list of who turns up. The simplest and probably the best way is to use the simple guest checklist but you could also use a QR Scanner to check in attendees too.

In short, Eventbrite provides a free and simple tool to create and manage events,  communicate with and manage attendees and allowing you to build quality mailing lists. In EventBrite Reviews Part 2, we’ll examine how you can get more value for your business by hosting an event with Eventbrite.



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