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Google Search Options – list of Google Search Prefixs

By far my most popular blog post in terms of traffic is the “What is an AllinTitle Search on Google?”, so I’ve decided to write a second blog to explore the other Google search options and the additional prefixs which are available to use.

Best Google Search Options and Prefixs

Before we start the list, it is important to remember that Google sends its crawlers to visit websites and then indexes (stores) this content in it’s huge database (called a cache).

When we search Google, we are effectively querying this database. There are numerous search prefixs and tools available to users which can refine search results from Google.

  1. filetype:ppt
      • The filetype prefix allows the user to search Google’s cache for a particular filetype. In the example above, it will return only Power Point files. By typing in filetype:ppt digital marketing this will return all powerpoint files relating to digital marketing.

    Google Search Options - File Type

  2. related:www.site.com
    • This prefix allows you to identify sites which Google believe to be similar or related to the one included in the search term.
  3. link:www.site.com
    • The link prefix is supposed to identify hyperlinks which link to a particular website. This is one of the better known prefixs and was very often used in the early days of SEO to identify backlinks, however it isn’t as reliable as some of the other Google Search options and should be used as a guide only. Moz’s Open Site Explorer represents a much better and more accurate tool for identifying backlinks.
  4. allinurl:
    • Similar to allintitle, this prefix only searches the text in the url. It can be used for SEO purposes but the allinttile search represents a more highly weighted result
  5. allintext:
    • The final prefix examined in this article is the allintext search (there are additional search prefixs such as define, phone and spell etc) This search only checks the actual text on page and excludes page title and url content etc



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