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A review of Rafflecopter for running competitions on Facebook

There are plenty of apps on the market for running competitions on Facebook but if you are a small business and have a small or zero budget, Rafflecopter might be the app for you.

We know that like gates are no longer permitted by Facebook and while that move was certainly disappointing, just how valuable is a Facebook like anyway?? Especially now, when the average organic reach for most business pages is less than 6%!

Facebook Competitions still have value but the end goal of your competition shouldn’t be to get a simple like on your page….it should be something more valuable and beneficial for your business and Rafflecopter’s ability to provide multiple user actions to enter the competition can help with this more ambitious goal.


Facebook Behaviour Study

We are conducting a research study into how people interact and use Facebook. We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete this survey (even if you don’t use Facebook) In order to validate the data, you must be logged into Google to submit the form. No data will be recorded or attributed to your account.


Facebook Likes Set to Fall as Inactive Users to be Removed

There have been a couple of hoaxes over the years regarding a clean out by Facebook of inactive pages and users and while this is not a full clean out, it is however an interesting development with Facebook set to remove the actions of inactive or deleted facebook users from page and post counts.


Is Facebook a waste of time for businesses?

In our review of Social Media Marketing tools, we are going to have a discussion as to the role of Facebook in Digital Marketing. So many businesses are on Facebook and believe they must be on Facebook but the truth is the vast majority of businesses on Facebook only have a token presence and end up with stale unused pages.


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