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What is Alphabet? Sundar Pichai becomes new Google CEO as Larry Page takes the reigns of parent company Alphabet

In a surprising move, Larry Page from Google today announced that Google is to create a new parent company called Alphabet (https://abc.xyz/) and he also announced that Sundar Pichai will become the new Google CEO. Really this isn’t a joke!!


What is Quality Score- Understanding how Google AdWords Works?

Search Engine Optimisation takes time and doesn’t guarantee success. Over 200 variables make up the organic search algorithm and it has never been more difficult to get seen. I’ve seen professionals celebrate getting to page 2 on the organic search results and yes while this may bring in some traffic the truth is 85% of users seldom click past the first page and will usually just refine their search by adding an extra keyword etc. The only way to be guaranteed of showing up on a particular search is to pay. Search advertising or what is commonly just known as PPC  ensures that your website will be seen but it comes at a price

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