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Advertising on LinkedIn – Is LinkedIn Advertising good value for money?

LinkedIn has often been described as a social media tool for professionals. It has become a highly valuable tool for businesses enabling networking, lead generation, head hunting and recruitment. However LinkedIn also has an advertising model but is it any good? This post will discuss the different types of advertising options on LinkedIn and evaluate it’s effectiveness.


Use LinkedIn to find a job- LinkedIn for Beginners

The standard two page CV doesn’t provide a potential employer much information about you. When it comes to trying to squeeze in as much relevant information as possible into limited space, each section on a CV becomes valuable real estate. While the two page rule can vary depending on your seniority level, the basic result is the same. Prospective employers have a limited sense of your experience, character and suitability which is why very often employers seek to supplement this information by researching candidates online and visiting their social media accounts etc.

Most people know this already and yes you might be thinking that you can protect your privacy by protecting your tweets and Facebook page. You might also be thinking well I don’t use Social Media so I’m okay?

But what you really should be thinking about is- how do I get these prospective employers to see information about me that will help me get a job? The answer to this question is to use LinkedIn and encouraging a prospective employer to visit your LinkedIn profile.