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Maguire Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is a dynamic, complex and ever changing environment. Navigating and staying on top of such a broad and labour intensive area is extremely challenging which is why Maguire Digital offers the following consultancy services




Digital Marketing Strategy

Creating a digital marketing strategy is a complex process which will be unique for each company. Most people agree, that digital marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy but is broad enough to require a detailed plan and strategy in itself. The SOSTAC model as advocated by PR Smith is one of the frameworks recommended by Maguire Digital for creating digital marketing strategies.

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LinkedIn for Business Training


LinkedIn for Business Training

LinkedIn has become one of the most valuable sources of information for businesses and has excellent targeting tools for both identifying and reaching prospects. Over 1.5 million Irish professionals are on LinkedIn but only a small percentage of people fully understand or able to fully utilise all of the features of the platform.

Maguire Digital provides training on lead and business development using LinkedIn. The hands on training session involves exploring both the free and premium versions of LinkedIn in order to identify 

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Search Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation takes time and doesn’t guarantee success. Over 200 variables make up the organic search algorithm and it has never been more difficult to get seen. I’ve seen professionals celebrate getting to page 2 on the organic search results and yes while this may bring in some traffic the truth is 85% of users seldom click past the first page and will usually just refine their search by adding an extra keyword etc.

The only way to be guaranteed of showing up on a particular search is to pay and with some strategy and training, you can get great value and high conversions from Search Advertising. For more information, please read our blog article on search advertising and quality score


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Email Marketing

I have to be honest, when I was new to digital marketing my initial attitude towards email marketing wasn’t positive. Email Marketing to me was spam. Unsolicited emails which just cluttered up my inbox however email marketing is one of the most effective tools in your digital marketing arsenal both from a cost perspective and for providing reach & exposure for your brand/product. The key to your success however lies in your email marketing strategy

For more information, please read our blog post on email marketing strategy



Video Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the best value digital marketing platforms available to a marketing professional. It quite simply has amazing potential reach and value. Most people loath the advertisements that appear in stream before your video but did you know that the advertiser doesn't pay a cent if you skip the first 5 seconds. That is 5 seconds of free brand exposure for your brand and the free period can be more than just 5 seconds (depending on the length of your video)

Cost Per Views on YouTube videos can be very cheap and with video content you can instantly turn your website into an engaging and interactive platform.

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Social Media Management

So many businesses are on Facebook and believe they must be on Facebook but the truth is the vast majority of businesses on Facebook only have a token presence and end up with stale unused pages.

We also don't just have Facebook and Twitter anymore - Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, Snap Chat...the list goes on. How do we stay on top of all of these platforms? Should we?

For more information on this topic read the blog posts on Facebook for Business and Google+ for Business